Amazon Marketing Expenses

Marketing Expenses of Amazon 2004-2017

Amazon Marketing Expenses 2013 to 2017
Amazon Marketing Expenses 2013-2017

The table below shows the marketing expenses of Amazon for 2004-2017.

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Amazon uses a number of targeted online channels to promote its products and services. These targeted marketing channels include¬†sponsored search, Associates program, social and online advertising, television advertising, and other initiatives. Increased expenditure on online channels as well as increased payroll and related costs for the marketing personnels have led to higher costs of marketing for Amazon. These marketing expenses are largely variable subject to changing rates as well as variation in sales. In 2017, Amazon’s marketing expenses rose 39% over the previous year. Its marketing expenses for 2017 reached 10 Billion dollars compared to 7.2 Billion dollars in 2016. IN the past five years, Amazon’s marketing expenses have more than tripled.



Data sourced from the annual reports of Amazon found on its investors website



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