Business Analysis of Apple

In this post, we are going to conduct an analysis of Apple Inc, the world’s largest technology business with a strong global presence and offering a nice range of market leading technological products and services. Apple Inc is a leading US based technology firm dealing in a limited range of hardware and technological services. The … Read more

Inventory management versus inventory control

In this article, we will discuss the basic elements of inventory management and inventory control and the difference between the two processes. While inventory management and inventory control may sound similar and are often mistaken for each other, the strategic focus of the two processes is different. While inventory control deals with the stock on-hand … Read more

Inventory Turnover Ratio

 Inventory turnover refers to the period that passes from the day an item is purchased to the day it is sold. One complete turnover denotes that the company sold the stock it purchased except the items that were lost to damage or shrinkage. Inventory turnover is important for companies in various areas from manufacturing to … Read more

Why use an inventory management software

Many businesses around the globe deal with challenges related to inventory management. Any business that makes or sells goods must manage its inventory. Inventory management refers to the purchase, storage, and movement of goods including raw materials, components, and finished goods. To manage inventory successfully, which is critical to improving business performance, businesses need to … Read more

Advantages and shortcomings of inventory management system

In this post, we will discuss the importance of inventory management system for businesses as well as its advantages and shortcomings. Inventory management deals with the buying, storing, and sales of goods including raw materials, parts and finished goods. It deals with planning for purchasing, storage and sales of goods. The main aim of inventory … Read more

Objectives of inventory management system

What is inventory management system and why businesses need one? Whether it is a small business like a bakery or a large retail brand, inventory management is important for both. In general inventory management means the process of tracking the stock of products. The basic underlying principle of inventory management is to help companies manage … Read more

 Inventory management for small businesses

Small businesses come across several challenges including financial and operational. Unless they have the right inventory management strategy, small businesses can find inventory management challenging. Keeping things organized is just as important for the small businesses as for the large enterprises. Inventory errors or inefficiencies can become a source of trouble for small business owners. … Read more

Record Keeping for small businesses

Why is record keeping important for small businesses? While large enterprises can devote more resources and people to record keeping, the process can be a bit tricky for small businesses. However, record keeping is just as essential for small businesses as the large enterprises. It is important for running operations smoothly and offers several benefits. … Read more

Spotify’s Mission Statement: An Analysis

In this post, we will analyze the mission statement of Spotify and how successfully it captures the essence of its business. Spotify is a leading global music streaming network and the world’s largest online music streaming platform based on the number of monthly active users. Despite the presence of leading players like Apple, Amazon and … Read more