Spotify Pestel Analysis

In this post, we will conduct a Pestel analysis of Spotify which is the largest music streaming network in the world with a strong global presence and a monthly active user base larger than 400 million.                        Spotify offers its services across 184 countries and territories. The company has entered several new markets in 2021. … Read more

John Deere Pestel Analysis

In this post, we will conduct a pestel analysis of John Deere, one of the leading agricultural and construction equipment manufacturer, based in the United States and with sales and operations across the globe in several countries. This analysis will show how the various macroenvironmental factors affect John Deere’s business and the key challenges before … Read more

Puma Pestel analysis

Puma: An Introduction Puma is one of the leading brand names in the sports shoes industry. Apart from sports shoes, Puma also sells sports apparel and is popular across various corners of the world. Puma is a Germany based brand with its headquarters at Herzogenaurach, Germany. It was founded in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler, who … Read more

A Pestel analysis of McDonald’s

McDonald’s: An Introduction McDonald’s is among the world’s largest fast-food chains with operations spanning 119 countries across the globe. At the end of 2020, the company was operating 39,198 restaurant stores across the globe of which around 93% were run by franchisees. McDonald’s is mainly a franchisor and the number of franchised McDonald’s restaurants at … Read more

Pestle analysis of Facebook

Facebook is the leading social media network with a huge base of loyal users worldwide. The social media network has experienced enormous growth in recent years despite the tough competition from YouTube and other social media websites. Apart from its focus on innovation, the increased smartphone usage worldwide and proliferation of internet technology have also … Read more

Caterpillar Inc Pestel Analysis

Based in Deerfield, Illinois, United States, Caterpillar Inc (NASDAQ: CAT) is the leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment globally. The company sells its products across 192 countries through 161 independent dealers. The company has established a global distributor network that mainly includes independent distributors. 46 of its dealers are located inside the United States, … Read more

Kia Motors PESTEL Analysis

Kia Motors is a leading South Korean automobile brand, owned one-third by the Hyundai Motors corporation. In recent years, Kia has seen a lot of success driven by its focus on product quality, passenger safety, and technological innovation. Its products have found immense popularity in the US and Indian markets especially The company has introduced … Read more

PESTEL Analysis of Netflix

Netflix is the leading streaming services provider with a global presence. It serves more than 169 million subscribers from 190 countries around the world as of 2019. In recent years the brand has seen very fast growth driven mainly by increased use of smartphones and the proliferation of 4G. The high popularity of Netflix is … Read more

General Motors Pestel Analysis

General Motors is one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the world, based in the United States and with operations across 6 continents. It is one of the best selling car brands in the United States. Apart from the United States, China is also one of the leading markets of General Motors. However, the automobile … Read more

British Airways Pestel Analysis

British Airways is one of the leading airline companies in the UK. It is owned by the International Airlines Group and operates a fleet of more than 300 aircraft. British Airways is also among the leading European international flight operators that fly to more than 70 different countries and carries more than 40 million passengers … Read more