1984 – Chapter 9 – (Part Two) Summary and analysis

Chapter 9 brief Summary and analysis Oceania is a world full of lies and half of its machinery is busy changing lies into facts all the time. Again in this chapter, Orwell shows how the government keeps jumping from one boat to another in Oceania. While the Hate week celebrations were continuing, the enemy had … Read more

Summary and analysis of George Orwell’s 1984 chapter 8 (Part 2)

A brief summary and analysis. In this chapter, Winston and Julia have reached O’Brien’s luxurious apartment. He is afraid since he cannot explain Julia’s presence there. However, still he and Julia boldly confess before O’Brien that they wanted to join him and the secret brotherhood against the party. O’Brien treats them hospitably and serves wine. … Read more

1984 Book Two Chapter 6 Summary and Analysis

A brief summary and analysis of Chapter 6 -1984 Book Two This chapter also marks a sudden turn in Winston’s life. He is approached by O’Brien who is seeking him after having read a few of his articles. He is impressed by Winston’s writing and believes Winston maintains scholarly interest in Newspeak. However, Winston denies … Read more

1984 -Book Two -Chapter 4- Summary and analysis

Brief Summary and analysis of Chapter 4 (Book Two) of 1984. Winston has taken a risky step in this chapter. Despite knowing he cannot conceal it from the thought police or the inner party members for long, he has rented Mr. Charrington’s room to meet Julia. While he is afraid that he has blundered, neither … Read more

1984 Part Two Chapter One Summary and Analysis:

Brief Summary and Analysis of Chapter One 1984 (Part Two) This chapter marks a fresh turn in Winston’s life. Unexpectedly, he meets the dark haired girl in a corridor in the Ministry, four days later than they encountered each other the last time in the prole area. The girl had broken her wrist and her … Read more

1984 Book One Chapter 8 – Summary and Analysis

A Brief Summary and Analysis of Chapter 8 from Part One of 1984 by George Orwell. In this chapter, Winston pays a second visit to the stationery store from where he had purchased his diary. It was actually an antique store where very few customers came. Winston decides to take a break from his monotonous … Read more