Sales Volume of Rolls Royce Vehicles

Rolls Royce Vehicles Sales Volume 2016-2017

The following table shows the sales volume of Rolls Royce Vehicles for 2016 and 2017.

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BMW owned Rolls Royce offers an ultra luxury drive. In 2017, Rolls Royce was unable to match its previous years’ strong results. Performing in a difficult environment, the brand saw its sales decline by around 16 percent. Sales came down to 3362 overall. Apart from Rolls Royce BMW also owns MINI.

More about BMW:

The BMW group includes BMW AG and all of its direct and indirect subsidiaries. BMW AG is responsible for managing the entire group. Its business is divided into three main segments that include automotive, motorcycles and financial services. It is a global brand that operates more than 150 countries. All brands BMW owns focus on the premium customer segment. The company owns three of the most famous premium vehicle brands in the entire industry including BMW, Rolls Royce and Mini Cooper.


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