How social media can help small businesses expand their brand

Social Media for Small Businesses: Expanding Your Reach and Customer Base


The advent of social media brought several important changes to the way businesses had been marketing themselves.  It offered a cheaper means to market your brand while also providing a way to expand your reach.  Social media has helped millions of businesses around the world build a better social identity and image. It did not just provide a method of better connection but also helped businesses engage their customers. The world of small businesses has also changed a lot with social media.

Generally small businesses do not have a sizable marketing budget like the bigger brands. It is why they need to utilize social media effectively to grow their brand’s influence. Several of them globally are using it to manage their customers and their image. There are several social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and Pinterest that can help you grow your brand’s reputation and customer base. Small businesses operate in smaller markets and despite that a social media presence is a must for them. You do not want to be lost among your competitors and therefore it is important that you interact with your customers and remain close to them.

Social media channels like Facebook and Twitter provide a channel for continuous interaction with your customers and to engage them effectively.  Communicating with your customers can be good for your business’ health and can lead to a surge in your small business brand’s popularity. The higher the number of your followers on social media, the higher your popularity and the stronger is your public image. Social media channels can help you find faster growth by increasing your visibility.  It helps your remain visible on the web which is the most favorite channel for customers to find anything they need. Any customer searches for a product/service online. If you have a social media presence, your business can be discovered easily. Otherwise you may lose prospective customers to your competitors irrespective of your location.

There are several benefits of being on Facebook. Even if you own a small bakery, you can showcase your products on Facebook. Your customers can like your products and also leave their remarks about the products you offer. It helps new customers judge your products easily and that can help you grow your sales and revenue. If you have a small marketing budget, you can also have your own website but without social media your marketing remains incomplete. Another thing that having a Facebook account can help you with is to communicate and interact with your customers and understand their needs. By better understanding your customer likes and dislikes, you can make new products and create innovative customer experiences and grow their popularity.

Twitter also offers similar benefits and on Tweeter it is easier to follow others and be followed. Social media is not just about attracting customers and increasing sales it is about increasing your circle of influence and growing your brand’s impression. Twitter can be used to connect with others, make a nice impression and talk to your customers. Hear what they have to say about your products and services – what they like about you, what they dislike and what attracts them to you? Several big and small businesses also address consumer complains and grievances through social media. Interacting with them brings you closer to your customers and the bond between the business and customers grows stronger. If someone knows your brand better he will make repeat purchases from you.

Instagram is another good stop for marketing and consumer connection for small businesses.  You can upload pictures of your small business and your products and services on Instagram and grow your popularity. Even if you do not attract too many customers from it, still having your pictures on Instagram is good for marketing. People can follow your brand and like and comment on your pictures/images. This helps gain visibility on the web and complements the marketing efforts you make in the real world. In this way, you can use social media for several big benefits.

Apart from Facebook, Instragram, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest can also be used by the small businesses to increase the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and to grow their brand.  This is the era of Information Technology and no brand would love to remain unidentified or hidden behind the curtain. Social media is both cheap and effective and any small business can use it without allocating nay budget. You do not even need to hire a social media manager. The biggest benefit is felt in terms of recognition. It helps your customers easily recognize you and identify you among the crowd. Building good customer relationships can be highly favorable even for small businesses.

Social media platforms provide space for social interaction and customer engagement both. One employee can easily take care of the social media accounts and respond to concerns and queries as well. Small businesses can care for their social image and customer relationships in this manner easily using social media channels. Every small business wants to be noticed and increase its sales and revenue. Social media can help them achieve his without any major investment. Small businesses since they do not have a large marketing budget can easily use social media and to grow their business. What happens in several cases is that the small businesses keep their marketing efforts limited t good quality products and good quality services as well as pleasant interaction. That is no more enough in the 21st  century where competition has gotten too stiff.  To remain competitive every small business needs to have a web presence and nothing can offer you a better way to be found on the web and be discovered by prospective customers than the social media. having a website is good for marketing of your brand but then  social media sharing and interaction with the customers can help you find faster and stronger growth.