Volkswagen Number of vehicles sold

Number of Volkswagen vehicles produced and sold per year 2000-2017

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This table shows the total number of vehicles that  Volkswagen has sold per year  between 2000 and 2017. In 2017, its total number of vehicles sold was higher than 10.7 million including the several brands in the portfolio of VW. This is more ,than double ,the number of vehicles it produced and sold in the year 2000. In these 18 years, VW has more than doubled its production and sales. While just an year ago, it faced a tough situation because of the Diesel scandal. The scandal cost it billions but yet the brand has made a fantastic return in 2017.

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How many Skoda Models were produced in last ten years? Find out from the below table.

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In 2017, Volkswagen sold approximately 937000 of Skoda vehicles. This was an increase of approximately 123,000 vehicles over the previous year. VW’s revenue from the sales of Skoda vehicles increased 20.8% over the previous year rising to 16.56 Billion Euros in 2017 from 13.7 Billion Euros in 2016.

Octavia, Fabia and Rapid are three best selling models by Skoda. Rapid was introduced in 2011 to fill the gap between Octavia and Fabia in the Indian market. Octavia is its best selling model with 420,802 of them produced in the year 2017. Apart from it, Skoda produced 209,471 models of Fabia and 210,002 models of Rapid in the year 2017. The production of Octavia’s and Rapids has declined over the previous year whereas that of Fabia has increased. The number of Octavias produced in the year 2017 was around 25000 less than those produced previous year whereas that  of Rapids was around 10000 less and the number of Fabias produced in 2017 was more than 6000 higher  over the previous year.

How many Polo models did Volkswagen produce?

Polo is one of the best selling models of Volkswagen passenger cars. In 2016 and 2017, Volkswagen produced 794,388 and 755,506 units of Polo. Apart from Polo, Golf, Jetta, Passat and Tiguan are the highest produced models of Volkswagen passenger cars.


The data is sourced from the annual reports of Volkswagen AG available on its investors website.